Welcome to the dance of embrace and connection

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Tango In Pune

Pune Tangotsav 2023 | Registrations Are Open |

Welcome to the dance of embrace and connection

All Things
Tango In Pune

Pune Tangotsav 2023

Registration Open

This warm, friendly, and welcoming community has been dancing, nurturing, and growing Argentine Tango in Pune for ten years.

The Pune Tango Community

Getting together to dance, to learn, to enjoy tango music and to meet others who share a love for this dance form. The community hosts dance events, lessons and workshops


We have Milongas, our dance socials, every Tuesday and sometimes on days when we just want some extra fun.


We come together every Sunday to practice our tango skills in a relaxed and informal environment, often with the guidance and support of more experienced dancers.


We regularly conduct beginners and advanced beginner classes. You can join with or without a partner. Contact us to know more.


Intensive workshops, often with tango maestros and maestras visiting our city, are an opportunity to rapidly improve your dance.


Dancers from all over India, and occassionally the world, gather to enjoy dancing over many days. Our festivals are in the monsoon and the annual year-end festival.

Pune Tango Calendar


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Tango On Our Mind

Check out our happening life on our Instagram handle. Follow us and get the latest updates about events and fun activities happening at PTC.

New To Tango?

Learn to dance Tango, the dance of embrace, connection, expression and improvisation.

Attend our Practicas

Get help from experienced dancers. You don’t need to know Tango though a class may help.

Practicas are held weekly. Solo participants welcome.

Join the Beginner Class

We hold classes multiple times a year, typically once a week for 8 weeks.

No partners needed.

Travelling to India?

Looking for Tango Partners? Want to Teach Tango? Thinking of performing?

We are a welcoming community of tango lovers based out of Pune, and would love to have you in our space.

We often let international travellers cum tango lovers host workshops, hold performances or engage for and with our enthusaistic community. Reach out to us and we will be right there to assist you 🙂